Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Buttons! While digging through a plastic shoebox filled with findings, jack chain, beads and tools looking for ear wires - I came across two little baggies filled with button shanks. I recently make a few bracelets and some (okay, a lot) of the cabs were a bit too big for the bracelets pads. I was pretty bummed out but figured that I will use them for something.

Both sets are pretty, the dichroic glass was from a dichroic grab bag that I bought in Columbus, OH when we went there in April. The first one you can really tell that it is pretty silvery blue color. The second one is a bit funny. Before it was fused, it had a blue dichroic swirl pattern. After it was fused it is not as bright, but is much more subtle and subdued. But if you look closely, you can see a swirl.

Hopefully if I have time sometime today I will list both sets on my etsy site.

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